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The Partnering Process

Setting Expectations

A Clear Roadmap for How We Work Together


We call our approach The Partnering Process℠ because it reflects the long-term partnership approach we take when working with you. We created The Partnering Process℠ to help us collaborate with you better and to assist you in achieving your financial goals.


The Partnering Process℠ follows a systematic approach to delivering personalized financial planning and investment advice to you. It consists of three phases: Planning, Implementation and Review.


new client onboarding

Before Our Engagement


Before entering into a formal engagement, we'll set up a free, no-pressure “get acquainted” meeting with you, giving you the opportunity to determine if our services are a good fit for your needs. If you like what you hear, we will schedule Meeting #1 with you and begin the Planning Phase.


Below is an overview of what you can expect from each phase of our Partnering ProcessSM.

The Power of a clear plan

Planning Phase


All of our client engagements begin with the Planning Phase. This phase generally takes one to three weeks, depending on your availability and requires just a couple of hours of your time.


At the end of the Planning Phase, we deliver The Financial Wellcheck℠, a proprietary tool that provides you with our roadmap to follow in achieving your financial goals. 


Steps in the Planning Phase of our Partnering Process℠



Your Time


Meeting #1

Kickoff and Formalize Relationship

Kickoff meeting (in person or remote)

Sign Partnering Agreement


Client & Oxford 1/2 Hour


Data Gathering


Goals analyzed, recommendations developed

Establish account links via the Personal Financial Portal℠


Client 2 Hours


Plan Development


Goals analyzed, recommendations developed


Oxford None


Meeting #2


The Financial Wellcheck℠ Presentation


Detailed roadmap to achieving your goals
Key areas covered:

•  Estate planning
•  Risk management
•  Goal planning
•  Cash flow management
•  Investment management strategies
•  Alignment of investment portfolio with goals, as appropriate


Oxford & Client 1 Hour
putting your plan to work

The Implementation Phase


The Implementation Phase begins immediately after delivery of The Financial Wellcheck℠. At this stage, most clients choose to engage us for ongoing portfolio management to align their investments with their financial goals. New accounts can be established and funded quickly. Existing accounts are generally transferred within 1-2 weeks. You may choose to retain us to implement the recommendations and review and report on your progress over time, or you are free to implement the recommendations on your own.


Oxford will not accept Investment Advisory Agreement clients who have not first completed the Planning Phase of our Partnering Process℠.


Steps in the Implementation Phase of the Partnering Process℠



Your Time


Meeting #3
Portfolio Implementation


Design portfolio to support the goals established in your Financial WellcheckSM
Sign Investment Advisory Agreement


Client & Oxford 1/2 Hour


Account Setup


Open accounts
Establish bank links and funding plan
Monitor transfers


Client 2 Hours
keeping everything on track

Review Phase

Each year, we schedule a meeting to chat about your financial progress and get feedback on any changes that may impact your retirement plans.

Curious about how your portfolio is performing? Clients utilizing our investment Advisory services receive monthly position statements and quarterly performance reports on their accounts. And, your total financial picture is always available online through the Personal Financial Portal℠, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Steps in the Review Phase of the Partnering Process℠



Your Time


Interim Review


Check progress toward goals
Review account statements and performance reports


Client & Oxford As Needed


Annual Review


Revisit goals
Update progress via The Financial Wellcheck℠
Review investment policy statement, adjust portfolio as needed


Client & Oxford 1 Hour Per Year
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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our Services

Financial Planning

Receive a comprehensive view of your financial situation and a detailed financial plan for reaching your goals.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management services are perfect for those who want active investment portfolio management to achieve their specific investment objectives.

Estate Planning

Oxford’s Estate Planning can handle the bequest of assets to heirs, settlement of estate taxes and more.

Insurance Planning

Our Insurance Planning services are a critical risk management component of any comprehensive financial plan.

Tax Planning

Oxford’s Tax Planning services can work in tandem with your financial plan to ensure that you are as tax efficient as possible.