Implementation PHASE

The Implementation Phase begins immediately after delivery of The Financial Wellcheck℠. At this stage most clients choose to engage us for ongoing portfolio management to better align their investments with their financial goals. New accounts can be established and funded quickly, while existing accounts are generally transferred within 1-2 weeks. You may choose to retain us to implement the recommendations and review and report on your progress over time, or you are free to implement the recommendations on your own.

Oxford will not accept Investment Advisory Agreement clients who have not first completed the Planning Phase of our Partnering Process.

Steps in the Implementation Phase of the Partnering Process℠

Step Who Your Time


  • Design portfolio to support the goals established in your Financial WellcheckSM
  • Sign Investment Advisory Agreement
Client & Oxford 1/2 Hour


  • Open accounts
  • Establish bank links and funding plan
  • Monitor transfers
Client 2 Hours