Client Background


  • The Marshalls are a young family of four looking for guidance on building a plan
  • Steve and Annie age 35; Paige – 3, Payton – Newborn
  • Steve and Annie are both marketing professionals


  • Make sure retirement savings are on track for comfortable retirement at age 60
  • Make sure education savings are on track to pay for 50% of college for both children
  • Make sure life insurance coverage is adequate now that they have second child


  • The Marshalls have money saved in various places, but the investments are not coordinated together, and they don’t know if it’s enough to meet all of their planning needs
  • No estate planning documents
  • Steve is considering a job change and isn’t sure how that will affect their long-term goals
  • Considering building a new house, and are not sure of the best way to go about everything that goes into that

How Did Oxford Help?

Oxford’s Partnering Process provided the Marshalls CLARITY by allowing them to identify, prioritize, and conquer their financial plan. The plan is updated annually at their June review via the Financial Wellcheck, with live updates and progress available anytime via Oxford’s online Personal Financial Portal


  • Confirmed retirement at age 60 is on track
  • Established a plan to increase education funding so that 50% of costs for their beloved University of Dayton are covered for both children
  • Steve felt secure taking the new job, where he is very happy and has already received a promotion
  • Used outside counsel to complete a full set of estate documents, which Oxford reviewed to ensure they were consistent with the family’s wishes
  • Increased life insurance coverage to be sure all of their goals are still achieved even in the event of a premature death
  • Property secured and financed for new house build

This is a hypothetical example used for illustrative purposes only. The strategies discussed in this example may not be suitable for all readers. Please consult a CFP® Professional, CPA, or attorney prior to taking any action. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.