Goal Planning and Retirement

Goal Planning and Retirement

In today’s economic environment, the only constant is change. You can help improve your chances for a successful retirement through ongoing coordination and planning. Our planning services include needs assessment for short and long-term goals, sophisticated retirement income modeling and benefits analysis.

Needs Assessment

We first determine the amount of income you need in retirement and how education funding and other shorter-term needs may impact your progress toward your retirement goals. We will work together to regularly measure your progress to determine whether you’ll meet your desired time frame with the assets you require.

Retirement Income Modeling

Financial modeling tools can help protect you from outliving your resources in retirement. They can also determine whether you have adequate resources to provide gifts or inheritances to your family without jeopardizing your financial independence. We utilize sophisticated modeling tools and our collective experience to help guide you toward appropriate choices.

Benefits Analysis

Many of our clients are fortunate to work for employers who offer generous benefits packages. These benefits can include employee stock options, stock appreciation rights, life insurance, disability income and long-term care coverage. If you have such an employer, we will assist you in making judicious use of these benefits and ensure that the rest of your investment and insurance portfolios are coordinated with your company’s offerings.