Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

Choices made at and during retirement about how to withdraw from your accounts can make a tremendous difference to the quality of your retirement. Our cash flow management services include a full education on the options available to you, tax reduction strategies, withdrawal rate monitoring, required minimum distributions and convenient deposits.

Helping Make Sense of It All

With terms like 72(t), substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP), net unrealized appreciation (NUA), required minimum distributions (RMDs) and more, the choices and rules can seem overwhelming. We take the time to educate you on your options at retirement and help you make informed decisions on what to do with your profit-sharing plans and company stock.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Tax laws are always changing. We will coordinate with your CPA to ensure you implement distribution strategies that minimize taxes in retirement.

Withdrawal Rate Monitoring

We monitor your withdrawals and assess the sustainability of your cash flows for a long, healthy retirement. If changes are needed, we’ll work with you to determine a path forward.

IRS Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

For balances held with Oxford Financial Partners, we will monitor and inform you of your annual RMDs and assist you in meeting these requirements.


Most of our retired clients prefer the convenience of a monthly deposit directly into their checking or savings accounts. If requested, we will withhold and remit federal and state income taxes for you, so you know that the amount you receive “in your pocket” is truly available to help you meet your monthly expenses.