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What is a Fiduciary?


In simple terms, being a fiduciary means that we must manage your money as if it were our own. We’re legally required to put your interests first when planning investments, making portfolio adjustments and selecting the right balance of stocks and funds for you.

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Fiduciary Standards

We take this obligation very seriously. Oxford Financial Partners will always put your interests before our own and will never recommend a strategy or investment that provides a kickback to us in any way—it’s simply not a part of our DNA or code of ethics.

Our only motivation is helping you reach your financial goals. We only succeed when you succeed. And that’s a powerful driver for us.


Another benefit is that helping you work toward a successful retirement—ethically—creates a strong bond of trust with our clients. It also removes the potential for any conflicts of interest, so you have the confidence that your plan is in your best interest. Not ours.


Oxford is always on your side.

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does being a

Fiduciary Matter? 

In short, yes. As a fiduciary, we take into consideration your entire financial life, including investments, tax planning, debt management, cash flow, insurance, college costs, estate planning and more. Plus, we collaborate with attorneys and accountants to ensure everything in your retirement plan is optimized to work to your advantage.

Ultimately, the Fiduciary Standard creates confidence and trust. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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