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The Right Financial Partner Makes All the Difference

Many people leave financial advisory meetings with more questions than they came in with. At Oxford, this will never be the case. We chart a clear path to your retirement without all the jargon.


Our advisors are just as good at explaining investments as they are at making them. Oxford is an independent investment firm that puts you first, and you'll experience the difference at every step.

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Fee Only

The way that a financial advisor is compensated matters—because incentives matter. Since Oxford Financial Partners is fee only, we are never incentivized to make one recommendation over another. We simply make the right recommendations for you.

a high standard

Fiduciary Responsibility

A fiduciary financial advisor makes investment decisions with your best interest in mind. Rest assured that Oxford Financial Partners is being held to the highest possible standard of care⁠—and is required to always act in the best interest of our clients.

advice you can trust

Fiercely Independent

Oxford Financial Partners is an independent firm that is not in any way tied to a particular family of funds or investment products. This allows us to do what we know is best for you, without any outside noise. At Oxford, you can trust that the advice you're getting comes from a single motivation: to help you achieve your retirement goals.

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Your Money Doesn't Stop Growing When You Retire

Growing your retirement wealth allows you to not only survive in retirement, but to thrive, enabling our retired clients to leave a legacy to the people and places they love.