Fee Calculator

Fee Calculator

A 401(k) plan with 20-100 employees and $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in plan assets pays a total of 1.40% per year on average for plan administration and fund expenses.

Do you wonder if your company’s plan is paying too much?


401(k) Fee Calculator

Please enter your total plan assets and number of participants below for an estimate of expenses under a plan advised by Oxford:

The above illustration is only comparing fees for plan administration and fund expenses and therefore does not include any comparison between the advisory fees paid to the current plan advisor vs. Oxford as the plan advisor. To minimize plan costs, the Oxford advised plan currently uses passively managed index funds. The mutual fund expenses shown are based upon the internal expenses of the current recommended fund lineup, which is subject to change and can vary by plan depending on the individual plan sponsor’s goals and objectives.

This fee illustration is provided solely as an example based on the assumptions and plan information provided. This is an estimate only and is not a guarantee of any particular results. Actual results for your plan may differ. This illustration is not intended to be investment advice or a recommendation to purchase, sell, or hold any investment. Oxford Financial Partners assumes no liability for use of this illustration by any third party.

How much is your 401(k) costing you?

Is your 401(k) plan managed in the best, most efficient way possible? Are there fees and commissions you don’t know about which drain on your ability to support your employees?

At Oxford Financial Partners, we know each company, like each family, has its own financial fingerprint. The one- size-fits-all answers often given in retirement plans often miss the details and unique needs of each organization. We want to offer unique service for unique needs.

Here’s how we’ve been able to serve two very different companies that came to us with their 401(k) needs.

Case #1 | Engineering Firm in Cincinnati, OH

  • 27 Employees
  • $2,300,000 in plan assets
  • Had older plan issued by an insurance company that was not annually repriced


Case #2 | Car Dealership in Cincinnati, OH

  • 72 Employees
  • $5,600,000 in plan assets


401k Case Study

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