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We see people first,
not portfolios.

you come first

The Oxford Difference


Unbiased financial planning that helps you live your best life in retirement.

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All clients begin with a written financial plan that clearly documents their long-term goals. This is captured in The Financial Wellcheck℠. Gaining Clarity on where you are and the things you value is our first step together

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Together, we'll make your plan even more robust by working in conjunction with a proven system. Our proprietary Power of 5 Investing® system has been battle tested in 25+ years of experience. We prepare you for a confident retirement.

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We will act with a sense of urgency to put your plan into action, and will help you stay on track no matter what the markets throw your way. Oxford Financial Partners is the Catalyst that ensures your plan is well managed.


Our sole sources of compensation are the fees paid to us by you. Fees are transparent and clear. No commissions.


A CFP® professional shall at all times place the interest of the client ahead of his or her own. 

Fiercely Independent

We work only for you. We are 100% employee owned and registered with the SEC. No brokerage firm, no middleman.

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Your Money Doesn't Stop Growing When You Retire

You can grow your money after you retire—even while you make withdrawals! We've proven it time and again for clients. Let us show you how.

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We Put Your Interests First at Every Step

Partnering Process℠
We created The Partnering Process℠ to assist you in achieving your financial goals.


We help you identify and prioritize your retirement goals. Then we go to work designing a clear roadmap for achieving them.


Once we've agreed on a strategy, we execute your plan and align your investments to your retirement goals.


Goals and plans can change—even in retirement. Our comprehensive annual review makes certain you're still on track for your goals—even new ones.

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Retire Confidently With a Proven System


It's an incredible feeling knowing that you can retire with enough saved for a comfortable life. It's even better knowing that you have a financial partner working behind the scenes to keep it that way! Our system for growing and managing your portfolio has proven itself for clients again and again over the years. It can work for you no matter which stage of retirement you're in.

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Planning for Retirement

When is the right time to plan for your retirement? The sooner the better.
Many of our new clients have been saving for retirement for several years and have a nice nest egg, but want a clear plan they're confident will work for them.

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Getting Ready to Retire

Five to ten years before you think you'll be ready to retire is a great time to take a step back and ensure your plan is on track to achieve your goals. We help clients in this phase align their savings to get them to—and through—retirement.

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Your Money in Retirement

Reaching retirement isn't where our job ends—it's just the beginning! We've proven again and again that you can continue to grow your retirement savings while withdrawing to live comfortably—and do the things you love, providing added security in retirement.

Are you on track for retirement?

Our free retirement calculator will factor in current savings, time to retirement, estimated taxes and the future value of money to let you know!

It's All About The People

Our Team


Your Oxford experience will be guided by our outstanding local team of financial experts whose personalized, client-first approach and dedication to fiduciary independence has helped people just like you achieve their retirement goals.

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